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Welcome to our website! The goal of this site is to provide science and technology information to families using the LEGO Mindstorms, Handy Cricket,  the Basic Stamp, the PICAXE microcontroller, PIC chips,  the Arduino Microcontroller, the TI Graphics Calculator, and Wireless Embedded SNAP Technology as core education tools. I will provide information on fascinating projects that will stimulate the brain on learning science and technology by building robot based gadgets. The primary goal of this site is to provide information on projects that families can participate together. I believe by working on robot based gadgets as a family provides the following benefits:


The family grows stronger as unit by bonding through educational play


The family stays abreast of current technology by being an active participant


Science Fair projects become easy to design and implement using LEGO Mindstorms, Handy Cricket, Basic Stamp, and the TI Graphics Calculator


The family will continue to thrive within changing technological times


TV time for children will be limited and replaced with educational play that is challenging fun


The parents will not fall behind their children's technical knowledge


Educational fun will be had by the entire family

The seven points are no means an exhaustive list of benefits presented by this website. In addition, the art of building robot based gadgets will be illustrated using an assortment of free computer modeling software packages such as MLCAD, NetLogo, Excel VBA, and Python programming languages as well. It is the intent that the information provided by will be a source of science and technology entertainment as it provides hours of educational play for families of the present and future.

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Sci-Tech Projects

Here are few of my favorite sci-tech sites for your web browsing enjoyment. For additional links, click the "Favorite Links" button above.

bulletSociety of Amateur Scientist
bulletThe Handy Cricket Home Page
bulletVernier Software & Technology
bulletMake Magazine
bulletLEGO Mindstorms Home Page
bulletBasic Stamp Stuff
bulletGoogle Maps
bulletGoogle Moon
bulletAll About Circuits


Here's a list of cool robot based gadgets to build. Enjoy!!! Note: Use "public" for both User and Password when prompted by the hosting FTP site dialog box to obtain documents
bulletA Sun Up Alarm Clock Mind Map
bullet Talking Tonka Dump Truck Part 1
bullet Talking Tonka Dump Truck Part 2




Sci-Tech Photo Album

Communities & Forums

     Look at my new online photos related to my  sci-tech project developments and family activities by clicking the "Sci-Tech" Photo Album. Here's two users groups with posted projects and info related to LEGO products and the Handy Cricket.
bulletLEGO Users Group Network(LUGNET)
bulletThe Handy Cricket Users Group

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