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WiFi Lab Project

I've just posted my WiFi project on Scribd. This project explores the Internet of Things concept using a Microchip Explorer 16 Development board, a ZeroG Radio Module and a Palm Pre Smartphone. I plan on posting additional projects as soon as they are completed. Enjoy!!


Motors and Microcontrollers 101 Video

I just checked a cool and educational video on the fundamentals of DC Motors and Microcontrollers. Nerdkits is a small tech venture of 2 MIT EE Graduates who sell a microcontroller kit for experimentation and hobby fun. All of the electronic components, software and Experiments Guide come packaged along with an Atmel Microcontroller mounted on a solderless breadboard In addition to selling Nerdkits, tutorial videos like the Motors and Microcontroller 101 are on the site as well.In addition to the video, there is a great write-up on the operation and application of motors as well as an explanation of MOSFETs. In future blogs, I'll be exploring this subject via hands-on projects using various microcontroller platforms as well as the Nerdkit. Enjoy!!!



SNAP Tech Application Note Update,

Hi SNAP Tech Enthusiasts a new Application Note titled, "FULL ADDER" is posted on the Synapse-Wireless Home Page. This circuit shows a basic digital machine for adding 2 binary numbers. The FULL ADDER illustrates the basic concept of binary addition via Summation and Carry Bit management. The FULL ADDER is one of the basic circuit blocks for the modern day Arithmetic Logic Unit used in Digital Calculators, microcontrollers and microprocessors components. The complete App Note and SNAPpy Script files can be downloaded from the Synapse-Wireless Home Page. To gain access to the Synapse-Wireless World, click on the "SYNAPSE" Logo above the fold line on this Blog.



I was informed by my Engineering Intern (Preston Parrott) at Hunter Fan about a cool website that has a plethora of circuits called ALL ABOUT CIRCUITS. The website is basically a ONLINE textbook with several Volumes related to Electronic Circuits. Here's a list of Volumes published on the website.

Volume I - DC: Basic Concepts of Electricity, OHM's Law, Electrical Safety, Scientific Notation...

Volume II - AC: Basic AC Theory, Complex Numbers, Reactance and Impedance, Resonance...

Volume III - Semiconductors: Amplifiers and Active Devices, Solid-State Device Theory, Diodes and Rectifiers...

Volume IV - Digital: Numeration Systems, Binary Arithmetic, Logic Gates, Switches...

Volume V - Reference: Conversion Factors, Resistor Color Codes, Math References, Periodic Table...

Volume VI - Experiments: Test Equipment, DC Circuits, Discrete Semiconductor Circuits

The Experiments Volume makes the theory understandable by allowing the learner to build the target circuit and checkout its operation in real time. All the materials are spelled out with Cross-References, Learning Objectives, Schematic Circuit Diagrams, and cool color illustrations. ALL ABOUT CIRCUITS is really an  Electronics Curriculum and ONLINE Classroom. I'll be exploring the material via HANDS-ON Experimentation & Projects and posting my findings in future blogs. CHECK IT OUT you'll be glad that you did!!!



SNAP Tech Application 2

Here's a partial section of Chapter 2 which illustrates how to incorporate Digital Circuits with the RF Engine Module. The SMART Logic Probe kit mentioned in the material is quite unique because it displays the letters "H" (Binary 1 or Hi) and "L" (Binary 0 or Lo) instead of the traditional discrete LED visual indicator used in basic Logic Probes. Also, I've included some questions at the end of Lab 1 for additional learning and circuit investigation fun. Enjoy



Exploring Wireless Embedded Tech with SNAP Technology

For the last few weeks, I've been involved with the evaluation of some really cool wireless technology. A company called Synapse Wireless has developed a 802.15.4 wireless technology call SNAP. SNAP allows new feature/function sets to be uploaded to a target embedded controller product Over The Air (OTA) or ON The Fly (OTF) within a few seconds. Programming embedded feature/functions is quite easy because the scripting language used is Python. Synapse calls their programming language SNAPpy because is the combination of Python and Synapse on set of APIs. The technology is so cool, that I've decided to write a lab manual demonstrating the ease in which new sci-tech and robo gadgets can be built using this wireless development tool. To illustrate the ease in which a SNAP Technology based product can be built, I wrote a 10 page Project on building a 2Bit Binary Keyboard with LED Display. The code for the program is quite easy to follow due to the detail comments added to the programming script. Within the lab manual, I'll show how to interface this wireless development tool to enhance LEGO NXT, the BASIC Stamp, the Propeller Microcontroller, PIC chip projects, and analog & digital circuits in future updates to the blog. Also, you can follow me via Twitter as well via the widget on this page.













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