CameraBOT! Assembly Instructions:

                    (Interfacing LEGOs with ROBOTIX)



                                                        Flip Business Card on its back. Draw horizontal line as shown



                                                               Cut Business Card on drawn vertical line as shown



                                                        Cut slits evenly spaced as shown into strip of cardboard



                                                    Take cardboard strip and wrap & fold around ROBOTIX Double Plug as shown



                                                    The Top of Double Plug should have corners folded as shown



                                        Take a LEGO 2x2 Brick and firmly push on top of Cardboard Ring Filler/Double Plug assembly



                                                          The LEGO to ROBOTIX Double Plug connector is Complete!



                                 The new Double Plug Connector can be attached to the ROBOTIX electric motor and the LEGO Vision Command Camera



                              The "CameraBOT" can easily be controlled with the Robo Eyes Sensor circuit