Sci-Tech Papers




Here's a list of papers related to science and technology project based learning.  Enjoy!!!

Under Cabinet LED Fixture Design Presentation (LED Lighting Institute Workshop Sept 13-15, 2006: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York):

Under Cabinet LED Fixture Design

2006 Midwest Robolab Conference:

Capturing Functional and Features Requirements of Robolab Based Machines using FreeMind Software

Mind Maps and Robolab Tutorial:


RAD 4.0 Design Notes:

RAD 4.0 Robo Hack

3D Electronics Modeling:

3D Visualization

LEGO Mindstorms Presentation to Garden City, MI Public Schools' Technologists:

LEGO Mindstorms: Robotics Basics

American Society for Engineering Education 2003 Conference Paper:

LEGO RCX Electronics & Software Lab Projects

Cranbrook Institute of Science (MI) Workshop:

Building Electrical Interface Circuits for the LEGO RCX

IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers) October 29, 2003 Section Meeting:

Capstone Design Project Management Techniques

ASEE/NCS Spring Conference 2004 (Western Michigan University):

NanoMuscle Paper Toys, and Animatronics

IEEE (Institute of Electrical Electronic Engineers) March 24, 2004 Section Meeting:

Mechatronics Epistemology

NanoMuscle Project:

NanoMuscle Controller

Integrating Practice with Engineering Education Conference Paper (October 2004):

Teaching Embedded Applications with Computational Devices

My Experience teaching as an Adjunct Professor Circuits and Electronics to Mechanical Engineers:

Mini Labs for University Circuits & Electronics course paper

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