September 2005


Personal Fabrication and The Handy Cricket Robo Hacks book

The Handy Cricket Robo Hacks project lab manual is shaping up quite well. As of today the final page count is 62. I've posted 2 pics from the project book of a smart toy conversion "mod" project using the Handy Cricket at the Sci-Tech Photo Gallery. I will be incorporating some of the Personal Fabrication concepts discussed in Neil Gershenfeld's book FAB: The Coming Revolution On Your Desktop-From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication in the lab manual. I'm also thinking about writing an activity guide for this book, thereby making the topics more relevant via hands-on implementation. I'll keep you posted about this activity guide for Gershenfeld's book in the near future.

I've also have another webpage at the SchmartDeveloper website. I've joined the ranks of Schmartboard as developer working on "open electronic circuits". I plan to provide tutorials on circuit prototyping using schmartboard products as well as schematics. Check out my home page intro!