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I'm an Electrical Engineer with several years of experience in designing and developing Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) and systems. Currently, I'm developing the next generation of embedded wireless controllers for small appliances using System Engineering and Mechatronics design techniques. I've worked on several ECMs for Automobiles that provide interior convenience, control and safety such as Automatic Headlights, Intermittent wipers, Remote Keyless entry, Vehicle Anti-Theft (VAT), and Steering Wheel Radio controls. I'm a former Adjunct Professor for Lawrence Technological University  (LTU). I Taught classes in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department. Courses that I taught at LTU were :


Advanced Computer Applications Lab


Electronics Lab


Circuits and Electronics (for Mechanical Engineers)

I'm currently an Adjunct Instructor for ITT Technical Institute and Southwest TN Community College teaching Electronics in their Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology Departments

I've written 2 books on LEGO Mindstorms entitled, LEGO Mindstorms Interfacing (2003) & LEGO Mindstorms Mechatronics(2004). Both books are published by McGraw-Hill. Also, I have contribute robotics and electronics project based articles to Nuts & Volts, Servo Magazines, and the Society of Amateur Scientist website and self published a book on my prototyping techniques for sci-tech and robot gadgets.

I'm also an advocate for engineering education reform and have participated and presented several papers related to project based learning.

Additional information on my industrial experience can be found on the " ye olde" resume.

To see what's happening in the world of "Don-Ville" go to my blog for the latest in sci-tech info!

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