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Here's an additional list of my favorite websites. These websites provide relevant information regarding science and technology. Enjoy!!!

bulletInformation on digital technology, computers, and electronics. Also has "This Week In Technology" Podcasts for IPods, or MP3 players.
bulletScience Friday
bulletWeekly NPR broadcast of science and technology news
bulletDiscovery Channel
bullet Information on the Cable TV science and technology channel
bulletChris Pirillo
bulletWeblog related to digital technology for Geeks
bulletWhat Toys Can Teach Us
bulletInteresting article on the work of Natalie Jeremijenko and her "Feral Robotic Dogs" project
bulletPaper Airplanes
bulletKen Burns website of paper airplane folding and aerodynamics experiments
bulletHow Stuff Works
bulletMarshall Brain's award winning website on How Sci-Tech Stuff Works
bulletAn annual international robotics contest ran by Lawrence Technological University's Computer Science Department
bullet History of the LEGO Programmable Brick
bulletHistory of the LEGO Mindstorms RCX (Robot Command Explorer) yellow brick can be traced to it's MIT Media Lab development roots
bulletHobbytron Electronics
bulletThe Web's Most Popular Hobby/Educational/Toy Store
bulletCheck out the new website focusing on "open electronic circuits" using the schmartboard.






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