Mini Robot Walker

When building bots, I like to take the Rapid Development approach: use existing motorized construction kits. One kit I use extensively in addition to LEGO Mindstorms is the ROBOTIX kit. There's a little trick to interfacing LEGO pieces to ROBOTIX construction parts I'll disclose in a future Blog entry. The plastic pieces look like the AT AT Walkers in the Empire Strikes Back movie. I wrote a robotics construction project for the Citizen Scientists E-Bulletin showing the parts and assembly procedure necessary to build the bot. The pictures and captions are off so read carefully when building the bot. MAKE A NOTE: SEND EMAIL TO SAS EDITOR ON CAPTIONS AND PICTURES ARE OFF!! Although the main embedded controller in the article is the Handy Cricket, both the LEGO RCX and the NXT controllers can easily be adapted to the walking bots mechanism. The joys of robot building is finding inspiration from other examples. Enjoy!!!



 A New Approach to Visual Indicators - The LEGO NXT

The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) on the LEGO NXT is truly a unique electronic device that enhances the user's experience. With its ability to be configurable, I've being exploring the use of this optoelectronic device with electronic circuits---Digital Circuits to be exact! The ability to change the LCDs appearance provides a wealth of creative visual possibilities for the sci-tech and robo-gadget enthusiast. Therefore, here's a Reference Design  created illustrating how to build a 4Bit Digital Controller aided by the LEGO NXT's LCD. Enjoy and Happy February!!!