MeasureBot! 2.0

I've just completed building MeasureBot! and those servo motors are quite impressive. The starter robot that comes with the retail LEGO NXT kit  has about 88 parts and a detailed 23 page instruction-build booklet. I took a STRAIT-LINE eRolling Tape placed it in front of the LEGO NXT bot and the machine was measuring its own traveled distance! I'll be exploring various attachment methods for eRolling Tape to bot mechanical interface as well. The software code is quite simple. I used the "Move" Block configured with the following motion control parameters:

bulletPorts A and C used for motor drive
bulletSteering - Forward
bulletPower - 45
bulletDuration - 10secs
bulletNew Action Brake

 Right now the bot just pushes the eRolling tape. I captured a little bit of video showing MeasureBot! in action. My son D'Mar helped turn on the bot while I recorded the video. Just a small example of how to take an existing kit and do a ReMix to create a new and useful device. Also, I added a 6 Pin Header to the RJ12 Cable for measuring output voltage and waveform patterns generated from the motor ports of the LEGO NXT. I'll provide detail information on a future blog entry on that project.




 Happy New !!! I've got several projects I'm working on in the realm of sci-tech and robo gadgets. I thought I'll start the New Year off with exploring the LEGO NXT. As discussed in a previous blog entry I see a lot of potential with this powerful embedded controller in creating  Robotic Assisted Home Automation devices, therefore I'll start off with a measuring based robot called MeasureBot!.  MeasureBot is an autonomous robot capable of measuring its own distance. An attachment of an electronic ruler to the robot will allow MeasureBot to display the distance it has traveled. The core of the robot will be from the LEGO NXTs  Starter kit. The key is to devise an attachment to the electronic ruler so the robot can perform its dedicated specific task of measuring its own distance.




 Jarnal Sketch of "Electronic" Rolling Tape

Tech Questions:

        Will the robot be able to move the electronic tape (major concern)?

        Will the measurements be accurate with the electronic tape vs a measuring tape? (It should be )

        Will the modified cables (6 pin header soldered between the RJ12 conductors) work with the mobile bot effectively?