eZCIRCUITs is the simple technique of taking basic electronic circuits and interfacing them with the LEGO NXT. The LEGO NXT Hardware Development kit provides the information on the internal circuits used to make the physical layer of the sophisticated programmable brick with a 32 bit microcontroller package inside of it. The objective of eZCIRCUITs is to show how to create "easy to wire" circuits for homebrew sensing and control ROBOT applications. The circuit notes are "easy" to follow, thereby allowing the novice builder success upon turning the power on to the circuit. This a wonderful summertime project to work with your children (or yourself) as they learn how to build electronic circuits to enhance the ever popular LEGO NXT.  To illustrate this concept, the first eZCIRCUITs application is ready for downloading. Although this project provides instruction for the LEGO NXT, it can easily be modified for the  Handy Cricket! Enjoy!!!!