I've just recently purchased the Prototype Sensor Development board designed and manufactured by HI-TECHNIC and what a cool development tool for electronics interfacing projects for robotics and sci-tech gadgets. In investigating this development board, I thought it would be neat to have a 3hr ONLINE workshop whereby I would teach a hands-on event explaining the basics of electronics interfacing using the LEGO NXT along with the HI-TECHNIC's proto sensor development board. The online event will take place on Saturday (TBD) and a workshop manual with discussion and lab notes will be available to participants. The communication tools for the workshop will consist of :

bulletSkype White Board

There will be a small workshop fee around $90-100 dollars payable thru PayPal to cover the cost of the workshop manual and the use of the Skype White Board. Also, all participants will receive a Logic Probe Kit as well, which will be demonstrated and discussed during the workshop. You can download additional information about the workshop here. If you are interested in the first ever produced online LEGO NXT workshop, send email to mrdon219@aol.com. Based on the interest, additional information on workshop dates, times, workshop communication tools etc will be emailed to those interested participants.


                                      LEGO NXT Interfacing using the HI TECHNIC Prototype Sensor Development Board        







For the last several weeks, I've been quite busy with writing my 3rd book titled LEGO NXT Mechatronics: Intelligent Machine Concepts as well as a new electronics kit, the Logic Probe. This Logic Probe is not like the traditional digital test tool whereby a LED provides binary status based on an ON/OFF indication. This kit will display a letter "L" for logic Low (binary 0) and a letter "H" for Logic High (binary 1). To kickoff this new Product Development project, I've written an Assembly and Application Manual ready for download and review. In this 13 page document, step by step instructions (with color pictures and illustrations) shows how the Logic Probe can be built using off the shelf components. The 2 applications, one of the include how the test tool can assist in checking out the Motor ports of the LEGO NXT. I'm working on the packaging and cost of the kit and when the ship date is available, I'll post it on this blog.