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Sci-Tech Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery of sci-tech projects I've worked on or that are in progress as well as family activities. I will continue to update this page with new photos as time goes on. Enjoy!!!!




                 Key Components for MeasureBot! LEGO NXT and eRolling Tape                MeaureBot build from the LEGO Next Starter Kit



              Front-Angle view of the LEGO NXT MeasureBot!(Starter Kit Robot)




                      Sherman the "Bug" (Ctr), small hand generator (R), [2] "D"-size batteries, small incandescent light bulb,

     and DMM used in the 2nd Grade Class Room Science Story Reading and Demonstration at Collierville Elementary School (8/28/06)



                             Here's a cool Homebrew Electronics Project Lab kit for Kids and Sci-Tech Families


                                           Midwest 2006 (August 6-8) Robolab Conference-Wichita State University


Robolab creator (L) Dr. Chris Rogers with Midwest Robolab Conference Organizer               An Optical Decimal to Digital Converter using LEGO Mindstorms' RCX microcomputers

(R)Dr. Lawrence Whitman


 An Airplane Simulator-LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Actuator           Robo-Maze with (L) LEGO Mindstorms NXT and (R) RCX based robots

                       A Homebrew LEGO Temperature Sensor



            Weekend trip to Niagra Falls with the family (6/24/05). See the Rainbow at the lower right corner, awesome!



                                         The Wilcher Clan At Niagra Falls (6/24/05):

                             Tiana(L), Mattalene [My Lovely Wife (C)], D'Mar (LL), and D'Vonn(R)


                       Monarch Butterflies resting: Niagra Falls Butterfly Observatory (6/25/05)



    Handy Cricket Mobile Platform Project                                              Homebrew Electrical Connector for Handy Cricket Mobile Platform



                                   A finished Electrical Wire Harness Assembly for Mobile Platform



                        A Handy Cricket Sun Up Alarm Radio                                                   Adding a Photocell to Handy Cricket controller


         Performing a "robo mod" to a Tonka Talking Dump Truck                             A Smart Tonka Talking Dump Truck using a Handy Cricket



                                                  The PICAXE Solderless Breadboard Development Package



                            Low cost Handy Cricket Development Board                                                              LEGO-Double Plug Connector for ROBOTIX projects


           Tiana doing her video newscast with CameraBOT!                                                               D'Mar(L) and D'Vonn(R) experimenting with CameraBOT!


       A Hybrid Robot built with LEGO and ROBOTIX parts. See Build Instructions                                           A " Homebrew" Experimental Evaluation Board




                             ROBOTIX Robo-Walker                                                                Robo-Walker Distributive Controller (PICAXE-Handy Cricket Control)



                                                                         3D Printed Circuit Board of a Wireless Receiver Controller     



                                                                                   RAD 4.0 Robot: A Handy Cricket will be used to Control It!      




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