eZCIRCUITS #2 Is Available 9/21/07

Here's another quick to build electronic circuit for the LEGO NXT. This circuit is really an enhancement to the Logic Gate Simulator discussed on my YouTube video. A Bumper Sensor-Switch will allow any mobile robot or mechatronics platform to detect objects in its path. The circuit uses 2 sensor-switches but only one Input Port of the LEGO NXT. Well that's all I'm saying about this eZCIRCUIT. To find out more you need to download the project. Enjoy!!!


Electronics Prototyping with the LEGO NXT  9/05/07

Here's a simple Logic Gate Simulator project using the LEGO NXT, an AND Gate IC (7408/74LS08), and Red LED series limiting resistor. The circuit is nicely built using the Parallax PDP (Professional Development Board). The target application is a Seatbelt Alarm System demonstrating the Enable/Inhibit function of the AND Gate. This small video took several takes to record it just right. You'll notice an "out of sync condition" of the hand movement versus the voice ( reminds you of the old Kung Fu Movies). I'll be checking into the little problem prior to video taping another LEGO NXT prototyping segment. Also, a published  eZCIRCUITs Application Note on the circuit construction and LEGO NXT programming will be coming out within a couple of days. Enjoy the video!!!